Saturday, February 01, 2020

February News - The FDP Teamspeak server, Figures Inaction & Flamecast Audio Theater

Just a few news items that happened last month...

The FDP Teamspeak server dead.  Once again, the voice chat service that we use to communicate for Flamecasts and such has ceased to function which then requires a total re-setup.  After doing this two or three times in the past already, I've had it.  Future Flamecasts will either be recorded from conversations over Skype or Facebook voice chat.

Figures Inaction
Since January has been quite busy, I haven't had time to work on photos for the month.  I had planned on having things ready for February, but now it's the 1st and I'm still not ready.  We'll see what happens over this weekend, otherwise I may delay the return until the first Saturday in March.

Flamecast Audio Theater
I've been saying I was going to start doing audio stories for a number of years now, and I finally rewrote one of the old Star Wars fan film scripts I had to adapt it for an audio story instead of live action.  The next step is to audition people for the roles.  If you're interested, please contact me via the Flaming Death Productions Facebook page.

That's it for now!