Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This year's Sci-Fi party

Some of you have questioned me about it during the past couple of months, and yes, I will be having my annual sci-fi party this year. I just don't know exactly when it will be yet. I have updated the webpage, though, at http://flamingdeath.net/scifiparty/.

This would also be a good opportunity to do some planning for L&L. By then, things should have settled down for me as far as the housing crisis goes, and I should be more available. However, then we hit the problem of getting people together again for filming. Just can't win....

I've also decided to keep the Google advertisements on the site. It's not making me any money... well, I take that back. It looks like I made two cents this past week! Anyway, it gives the site a certain level of credibility, in my opinion.