Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The "Yoda's Treasure" DVDs for sale!

I don't have everything in the store worked out yet, but I did make up a page for ordering the "Yoda's Treasure" DVDs. It's located right here until I organize the store and set up the side-bar links. At $7.50 a DVD with USPS Priority Mail shipping included, it's not too bad of a deal, don't cha think?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The store is open!

Yes, you're not hallucinating! I finally gave Lord of the Rings Online a rest tonight and got the FDP store up and running. We're only selling the t-shirts at this time, so that's all you'll see for now. Hopefully we'll include more products at a future date including "Yoda's Treasure" which itself would only be sold at cost due to copyright restrictions. If you have any other ideas that we could use for items to sell, let me know via the e-mail link here on the site.

In other news, the filming that I though would take place this summer has been delayed. (Surprise! Surprise!) So, now the contest begins! Who will make it back to Minnesota first? Travis (in Nevada) or Matt (in Michigan)? I'm placing my bets on Matt. hehe!