Monday, December 15, 2008

Editing, shirts, and more

After a minor little setback, I was able to start the editing process over the weekend. One thing I did notice that was previously NOT seen was that the boom mike got into the shot. I haven't gone through all of the video to see how many times it makes an appearance, but hopefully I'll be able to crop that out. If we had filmed in letterbox format, it wouldn't be an issue. However, I believe the program I'm using can accomplish that task as well.

We also have Abbie's re-shoot coming up at some point soon. At some point we'll have to get Matthew's short voice-over recorded, and then a photo shoot for promotional purposes (DVD cover, etc.). I haven't picked a time frame for the photo shoot yet, but Matthew and Mitchell should start thinking of what days are free for them in the first quarter of next year if at all possible.

Flaming Death Productions t-shirts: who wants one?! You know you do! Hehe! I'm going to be submitting an order in at some point soon, and if the facility I go through still has a minimum order number then I need seven more shirts to order that haven't been spoken for. I could go and order the rest and sell them later on, although it would be easier on my finances if we could get enough to cover at least half of the full order. If you've been a part of the cast or crew in either "Yoda's Treasure" or "Luke & Leia", I'll sell them to you at cost plus shipping only if needed. Just a little bonus for being part of the FDP gang.

Annnnnd if you haven't noticed yet, FDP is now on Facebook! Just do a search for Flaming Death Productions and we're listed there.

That's it for now. Thank you for reading the mega-post!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Movie progress?

Since it's been asked, I thought I would address the question of how the movie is coming along. At this point, I have each of the individual shots ready to be edited together except for the scene with Abbie that needs to be re-shot, the music, and any files needed to edit the thing together. I would have been further along in the process and completed the majority of the editing already if it wasn't for two things: 1) busy weekends, and 2) Lord of the Rings Online's expansion pack "Mines of Moria". Poor excuse, I know, but it's addicting. I just have to sit myself down at some point and tell myself "You ARE going to do this today." Unfortunately, today isn't one of those days since I'll be out of town. Maybe I can find some time tomorrow.

Maybe. :-P