Saturday, September 19, 2020

Looking for a Flamecast?

Oh my freaking lord...

Flamecast #055 is being stubborn as hell to get recorded. Since discontinuing the use of Teamspeak, Travis, Wes and I tried using Discord last weekend and all seemed to be good... until I discovered in the editing process that my voice was the only one that was picked up. So, Travis, Matt and I tried again just a little while ago. This time I got everyone's audio in, but the video window to capture was not the correct one plus it stopped on us 19 minutes in. I discovered that after we going on about an hour later. So, another one in the trash. After doing some additional testing, the next one will be done via Zoom which has its own recording capabilities. I'll try again next month, though, because we can only cover the same topics so many times. We'll have all new things to discuss then.


Apologies to Wes, Travis and Matt, although it was a good time for us to catch up and just talk about stuff.