Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Price is Right? I hope so!

Argh! I think I finally have the price of DVDs in the Stockroom at the correct price. Turns out that the shipping was $0.17 more than what I was charging, but that should now be fixed. I also upgraded my PayPal account to a business account while I was working on all this.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

New DVD: Class of 1989 20 Year Reunion

For those of you who went to Fairmont High School and graduated in 1989, this is the new DVD I created for the 20 year reunion which was this weekend. Yes, there is a charge of $4.25 per disc, but it's only for the cost of materials and money transfer fees. Just click on the link to the Flaming Death Stockroom either in the menu along the top of the website or in the link on the left hand side. While you're there, you can also purchase Flaming Death t-shirts or DVDs of our first short film, "Yoda's Treasure".