Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh, the irony of it all...

Two days after I sent the "Luke & Leia" script to the two people I was going to use in place of Travis and Chris, I get an e-mail from Travis saying that he's finally coming back to Minnesota. So, I made the decision to go back to using Chris and Travis for the film. Maybe we'll get something done by year's end.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Recasting and FDP Store news

First to the store news. I have it pretty organized the way I want it now except for the graphic ad on the main page here and a better store name to sprawl across the main store page. I'm open to suggestions on what we can call it besides the Flaming Death Productions Store or FDP Store. FDP just sounds too much like FDS to me, and we're not selling feminine deodorant (or at least not yet). Heh!

Second, I've finally decided to recast "Luke & Leia". After two years, I just decided that it's time. I have two people in mind for the leads, but I don't want to put any names out here until they're locked into place. Preliminary negotiations are looking favorable, though. SO... watch this site for the latest updates! Yes, we're finally going to make another movie!