Saturday, April 30, 2005


Two of us from Flaming Death Productions (Matt and myself) attended all four days of Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis last week. For pictures and a full recap from my perspective, check out the special page I've constructed just for the occasion which is located at

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Special Edition?

I'm going to be completing a special edition of Yoda's Treasure in the near future. I figured that since the film isn't being chosen in AtomFilms' contest, I might as well make the changes I wanted to originally make. Essentially, it's adding in music where it really needs it. There are two parts that I have in mind that shouldn't take long. Just don't expect anything this weekend. ;-)

Contact Information

I meant to do this a while back but keept forgetting about it until today. Contact information for Flaming Death Productions is (on this page to your right). I'll have a more permanent link placed here on the site soon...just not this weekend. ;-)

edited so I don't get spam mail!

Celebration III!

Yes, both Matt and myself are attending Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis this weekend! After waiting in line about an hour, we did finally get in and enjoyed the festivities. I was pleasantly surprised to find a booth set up by the creators of "Trooper Clerks," one of the past winners of the AtomFilms fan film contests. Thanks for the autographs, guys! :-)

More to come later!