Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Luke & Leia" now online!

I've posted the movie over at YouTube and I'll have a streaming link in the "Luke & Leia" portion of the website in just a few hours. Enjoy!


Since I'm having thoughts of moving the party to the 16th, I decided to upload the movie to Atom last night. It's still in the processing phase, but it should be available at some point today. In the meantime, I'm going to get it rolling on YouTube as well while I can. It shouldn't take me too long to get that set up as long as I find the time to do it while I'm here at work. I'll send out a link at some point today. So, I guess that makes today, April 29, 2009, the world premiere day of "Luke & Leia"!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


After screwing around with the film quality over and over to try to get the file size under 100MB as dictated by's submission guidelines, I ended up using a converter to convert the good MOV file over to a WMV file which came in at less than 60MB! I was thinking of submitting it to tonight, but I think I can wait a week and a half so that it coincides with the premiere at the party on May 9.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Update

After playing around with the editing tools again, I decided to use the original footage of Abbie and use a still shot of Shawn and Chris as the transition piece for her to get off of the camera before the booth shot again. I know this may not make sense to anyone right now, but maybe it will when the film is released. I just wanted to let it be known that Abbie is still getting her 5 seconds of fame. ;-)

Some people have received their release forms via e-mail or will be in the next couple of weeks. If you could send the signed forms back ASAP, it would be much appreciated.

Last Edit, then Paperwork

I received the restaurant background photos from Chris over the weekend, and they look great. However, the green screen shot I took of Abbie is not cooperating well. It's far too pixelated around the edges against Chris' background pics, and I cannot smooth them out enough to make them decent. So, after all this time, I believe I'm going to have to replace that shot with a backup shot. Sorry Abbie! I should have this step completed very soon. I am having a difficult time getting the master AVI file working with Windows Media Player, though. I think I finally have it figured out, but in the meantime I'm going to go with a Quicktime file which I tested yesterday. Fortunately, allows uploads of a few different file formats, mov files being one of them. Now to try to figure out how to get the file size down to 100MB or less without losing too much quality. Expect the premiere of the film to be at my 18th Annual Sci-Fi Party with online access to follow shortly after.

Next up is getting all the paperwork in order. Atom suggests signed contracts for actors, owners of locations, and music rights holders. I wish I would have noticed this before so this could have already been taken care of, but then again I should have expected it since I heard about what people went through the last time when I was trying to submit "Yoda's Treasure". According to their site, they say to submit the film anyway and will notify me if they need copies of any of the forms. That should give me a little time to get everything in order.