Saturday, June 05, 2010


Okay, since I'm really having a difficult time tracking down a Vader costume that's affordable or any people that have one, I'm leaning back towards using the Darth Maul type character. This means I will be needing someone to fill that role. Of course, it would consist of wearing the black and red makeup, plus a black robe (which I have), black gloves, and a black shirt for under the robe. That would be about it for what's on camera. I'm going to post a notice on the Facebook group as well. Give me a shout back if interested.

I'm looking into using a different camera and sound recording equipment than what I've used in the past, so there will be a slight delay there while I get that aspect organized as well as the film crew. As it looks now, I would guess that the soonest we could shoot would be as soon as mid-July although I know summers get pretty busy for people.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

FHS Class of 89 20 Year Reunion slide-show now online!

For those of you who didn't buy a DVD yet, here's your chance to revisit the glorious 80s during our time in FHS. Just follow the link in the menu up above.


Just did a few updates to the FDP YouTube site. And while you're there, please subscribe!