Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Let's get rolling!

Hey all,

Okay, it's about that time to get serious about making this "Luke & Leia" movie we've been talking about for two years. ;-)

First, I'm sending this posting in an e-mail to quite a few people who were involved with "Yoda's Treasure", a couple of them (Chris and Travis) who will actually be on screen, but the rest as candidates for camera-work and other technical aspects behind the camera and perhaps extras. If you're interested in joining the crew, reply back ASAP so I have an idea of who's all going to be involved.

Second, after having an idea of who the crew will consist of, I want to try to get us together at least once for a pre-production meeting. That means I need two dates from people that they're available, the second date being the shooting date. I'm guessing that an early morning would work best with Chris' restaurant and everyone involved rather than waiting until after close, but Chris…if you could let me know which one is best, I'd appreciate it. So, to reiterate, I need two open dates from people, so the easiest way to get this is to tell me all of your open weekends and I'll compare them all to get the magical two dates.

Fifth, I have yet another film idea, this one unwritten as of yet, that I would like some feedback on to flesh out a good story. We can all discuss this at the pre-production meeting. Matt, you could join us via Teamspeak for your input as well since you already know what I'm thinking of here.

That's about it for now. Check those calendars! :-)

P.S. Yes, I can count. I meant to do that. However, it's a good hint on what that new film idea is. ;-)