Friday, October 14, 2005


Slowly but surely, the DVDs will get done. I have to take this time to thank Travis for donating some of his winnings from a slot machine in Vegas. Way to go, Travis! :-D I never get that lucky. I have purchased the cases, have the cover art and disk art ready to go, and just need to get them both printed out now. Hey, maybe these would make nice Christmas presents for you! BWAHAHAHA! Man, I hope it doesn't take THAT long!

In other news, I'm making use of all those flyers that I made for "Yoda's Treasure" by putting them up on public bulletin boards in the area. We'll see if this generates more traffic to the site or not.

Oh, and I recently put in contact information off to the right on this page. Yeah, I've been meaning to do that for quite some time. I wanted to go about it another way that I've seen in the past in which the e-mail address would be invisible to search engines, but that will have to be taken care of later. Gotta go check the "Call For Help" television show's website (unless someone wants to go search for me and e-mail it over). ;-)