Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Message from Jeff Allen, director of Trooper Clerks!

I logged into my account over at theforce.net today and had a pleasant suprise waiting for me! Jeff Allen, director of Trooper Clerks, whom I met at C3 at the Trooper Clerks booth there, sent me the following note.


I was surfing google, looking for references to our Trooper Clerks booth at C3, and your blog came up as one of the 2 that mentioned seeing us. Thanks for stopping by. I hope we treated you with kindness while you were there, and it seems that you got an autographed postcard or something from atleast one of us creators. YAHHHH!!!!!!

I liked your fanfilm, "Yoda's Treasure". Very BRitish in humor. Excellent!!!!

I especially liked the "I am your Sister" bit with Darth Smiley. Classic . I think you might be the first to have pulled that joke off in a SW fanfilm. Oh, Elmo as Yoda. Another good one. HAR!

Trooper Clerks Cartoon Artist, Todd Coss, lives in Mineeapolis/St. PAul these days. If you want to hook up with him one day and chat SW or other geekness, I'll slide you some contact info.

Thanks again for stopping by the booth and mentioning us in your blog, makes all that money spent at C3 worth spending,

Jeff Allen
director - Trooper Clerks

You're very welcome, Jeff! :-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Yoda's Treasure outtakes are here!

You saw correctly! Head on over to the download section of the Yoda's Treasure area and check out the outtakes!

Monday, May 16, 2005

The big week!

Yep, Thursday marks the opening day of the last Star Wars movie, Episode III. I will be going to the midnight showing, of course, at the CineMagic Theatres in Rochester, MN, IN COSTUME, and handing out flyers for Yoda's Treasure. You can take a look at the flyer design here. I haven't received word from the theater yet on permission to hand these out yet, but I'm hoping to resolve the situation tomorrow with a phone call. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Blog archives & other past posts

Well, I finally got the archives and links to my past posts working properly. So, in case you've been wanting to check out one of those posts I made months ago, you can now go back and check them out!